05 November 2007

No excuses.

I've been neglecting my duties as an adventurer. Too distracted by menial things, I found myself lusting for the journey I'd once rarely strayed. New rumors were stirring. Some of the scholars had discovered a simple way to teach the adventurers their knowledge; some of the dance troupes had figured out that certain dances can inflict various statuses. These were rumors I felt compelled to investigate.

I returned to Windurst from afar, visiting a cousin who wishes to become an adventurer herself one day. When I came back, I stumbled upon the All Hallows Eve celebrations! Gifted with a Trick Staff II, Pumpkin Head II, a Witch Hat, and a Coven Hat, I made out like a bandit, as the Thieves would say. The lanterns I received were a lovely addition to my room.

I picked up my club, donned my gear, and headed out to Sea Serpent Grotto to join my old friends Dawezy and Kintrra in some old fashioned slaying. They appreciated the buffers I gave them and I even became more proficient with my mauls! We opened a couple of coffers, slayed a couple of notorious monsters, and palled around like we did oh so many months ago.

I felt revived.

Why had I ever gone traveling in the first place?

02 July 2007

Out of Context (04)

Hey kids, Cesar here. Wondering how many even read this any more... considering the last update was in February and it wasn't even storyline-related.

Busy, as you can tell. A touch of internet time here and there in the past six weeks or so, but not enough to play FFXI. I may start creating false stories for the sake of Argentos' blogging.

In another bit of a crunch with the comic, too. I had a spark and wrote down a huge list of ideas (including things I'll be doing with various characters far in the future) so that I would have the advantage of a semi-storyline to keep myself on track, buuuuut... I'm having a hard time transitioning from the prologue into the first chapter of the adventures. Ugh.

I do rather miss writing, though.

13 February 2007

Out of Context (03)

Attention all FFXI players!

I need some seemingly random ideas from you, if you would be so kind as to help. I've been trying to start a webcomic for quite some time now, and aside from n00bcorner (a completely random, story-less comic, sorta like Cyanide & Happiness), I haven't managed to get anything going.

I've tried using LEGOs, but didn't want to jump through the pages and pages of legal loopholes... nor did I want to pay to rebuild my LEGO collection. I tried drawing for a while, but my artistic skill is... lacking, to say the least. It's not what it used to be.

And then it hit me. Folye's FFXIMV can create the characters for me... then all I have to do is fill in the backgrounds. Holy carp on a stick, Batman! It's an idea.

The comic will feature my linkshell, DeepSecond, and most prominently those Argentos, Dawezy, and Kintrra figures you're always reading about. Other actual members of DeepSecond will appear from time to time. Because I want the comic to follow a less realistic story, it will veer away from actual in-game events (that's what this blog covers, mostly) and into a more fantastical approach. Actual game missions and quests will be used, and the storyline will be touched, but there will be random curveballs and unexpected twists that could never happen in the real game.

I was thinking of filling out the rest of the "main party" with created characters, giving me the opportunity to play with the Model Viewer a bit more.

I bring this up here, however, because I was curious as to how many of you would be interested in making the cross-server jump and allowing me to have the creative liberty to use your characters in the comic. I would never do so without your permission, which is why I ask.

Realize that by allowing me to borrow your characters, their personalities may stay in tact, but their lives on their own servers will be null and void. (No, I won't make any of them fall in love with anyone, so don't worry about that.)

Discussion for the comic without a name can be found HERE for anyone who is interested in joining in the topic as it evolves. I'll probably run a list of potential names in the thread in the next couple of days.

In game news, Argentos is now a level 43 White Mage and knows all six Teleport spells, finally has Haste and Erase, and is kicking tail with Dawezy, Kintrra, Reyvn, and Koshimu in a somewhat static party for a few levels. Swish.

02 February 2007

Telewhoretation, Here I Come!

{{OOC note: I added a couple of my regulars onto the link list. I'll have to try to read yours more often!}}

This morning was amazing. In one swift motion, I gained the scrolls for Teleport-Altepa and Teleport-Yhoator. After some extensive studying, I have now memorized their information and can teleport myself and others out to those locations at my every whim!

See, it all started last night when I was out in the Altepa Desert looking for items in the Quicksand Caves. Kintrra called me up on the linkpearl to see what I was doing, and after I told her, she rushed out to help. Upon stumbling over the first cracks in the ground, I found what I was looking for, just like that! It was quite convenient, so I rushed back to return the item when I discovered that a teleportation scroll might be my reward. Curious, I looked into other scrolls, and found that I could obtain a scroll for the Elshimo Islands just as easily.

Kintrra came with me to Kazham, where I met another friar who had another request. He needed a slab of marble, and I was told those only came from lizards. While I didn't quite understand how a lizard could produce marbles, I didn't argue it. We were met in Yuhtunga Jungle by a friend of ours, Reyvn, who helped us slay lizards for nearly an hour. When the marble finally dropped, I jumped on it!

I returned all of the items I had collected to all of the people who wanted them, and then I had to wait. Between the deciphering of ancient texts in San d'Oria to the statue being made for the man in Kazham, I had some time to kill. I grabbed some items for Bluffnix and he expanded my pack again... and then he offered to do it again with a new set of items! I also met an Antique Collector in Port Jeuno by the name of Imasuke who offered to give me a map of the Belkfutt's Tower if I helped him acquire a Kaiser Sword, so I gladly hunted down Weapons until I had one to give to him. Another man in Ru'Lude Gardens, Radeivepart, offered a map of the Castle Zvahl in exchance for a Flame Degen. Again, I gladly accepted the challenge.

By the time I was done with all of this, I realized that the items I had left in the hands of men in San d'Oria were probably complete! When I returned to the Church, I was awarded a scroll of Teleport-Altepa, which I promptly began studying while running to the Blacksmith's Guild to collect my trophy. By the time I arrived in Kazham with the statue, I had already memorized the information from the first scroll and was the awarded with my second!

It was an excellent day's work.

Here is a snapshot of Kintrra, Reyvn, and me hunting lizards.
Here is a snapshot of the roll I made to acquire my coveted marble!

23 January 2007

Behemoth's Dominion isn't so bad.

{{On a final out of context note, I'd like to say that work is going great and I've finally had a chance to get back into the game a little bit. I must admit, it's quite nice. You can expect to see me writing a bit more now, huzzah!}}

I've spent the past few weeks away again. An adventuring party got a little out of hand... the Ninja scared the Warrior, who let slip his axe in mid-swing... which promptly impaled me in the stomach. Being rendered unconscious by a monster is one thing, but having your vitals slashed by a fellow adventurer is something else altogether. No amount of curing could help me, and I eventually passed out. Collapsing on the floor of the Crawlers' Nest was the last thing I remembered.

When I finally came to, I was at home in Windurst. According to my moogle, the adventurers I was travelling with took me to Jeuno, where the best herbalists and doctors did what they could to patch me up. I was grateful, and I only wish I knew who to thank.

I spent a lot of time at home recovering, and working on my Clothcrafting. It came to my attention that, while entertaining, the craft wasn't going anywhere fast. My friends suggested some other things to pass the time, such as Woodworking and Smithing, two crafts which would be more beneficial to me not only as a Ranger or Corsair, but even as a White Mage. I looked forward to taking up a new craft, but as they were more hands-on, could not do so during my recovery period.

When I wasn't fiddling with Clothcraft, I was visiting family, travelling on business, or practicing my magicks again. Time passed, and I healed. It no longer hurt to sit up, to stand, to walk, or to run. I was ready to get back into the game. I contacted Dawezy and Kintrra, who promptly came to visit. My first adventure back into the world I've missed so much was an escort mission.

Kintrra needed her Fighter's Lorica, the last piece in her set of Artifact Armor as a Warrior. Upon accepting her mission, she grabbed her Paladin gear and set out for Qufim Island. Her friends told her that going alone as a Paladin with her skills as a White Mage to back her up would be impossible. Not one to turn down a challenge, she leapt into action, raving about the event all night long.

Under the cover of darkness, Dawezy and I escorted her through Qufim Island and into the depths of Behemoth's Dominion. As we progressed through the caves, Dawezy tanked the Weapons as I stood back and tossed the occasional spell around. When we reached the end of the road, they came out of hiding.

Doglix Muttsnout, the White Mage.
Picklix Longindex, the Thief.
Moxnix Nightgoggle, the Ranger.

The Goblins were menacing. They looked like any other, but were more powerful than any I'd ever seen before. Dawezy and I kept our distance. Any time a Weapon got close to Kintrra, we pulled it away from her. She fought valiantly. While all three Goblins were alive, it was rough. She came close to unconsciousness many times, and it was against every instinct in my body not to help her. But we watched. We sat back and watched.

Doglix was the first to fall. Without their White Mage, the duo was far more vulnerable. Things still looked rough -- the Thief was the hardest to kill. It took ages, but when Picklix fell, we began to cheer. The impossible seemed possible after all. Moxnix was little challenge at that point; without his friends, he fell easily. The trial took nearly an hour, but she succeeded. When Moxnix hit the ground, our jaws did as well. Had we really just witnessed the slaying of three notorious Goblins by a Mithra Paladin White Mage?

I cannot wait until I am strong enough to do the same.

27 December 2006

Out of Context (02)

I'll be coming back to the game shortly, I hope.

I've spent the past five days working as a manager, and it's like I haven't even had a chance to slow down and breathe. Everything's awesome now, though. Aside from being completely worn out every time I come home from work, everything else is much better than it was before. Work is hectic this time of year, but I suppose that's what I get for being one of the managers of a videogame store. It is, after all, a good option for anyone of any age, especially this time of year.

I'm looking forward to mid-January when I can relax again, and hopefully get back into the game. I miss Argentos, and I miss telling his stories. I'm sure I'll come up with some sort of story befitting of his extended vacation.

I found the music in the form of a game called M-06 for the Nintendo DS. I just ordered it a few hours ago, so it won't be here until next week; all the same, I'm looking forward to it. It will be a ton of fun -- now, if only I read Japanese so I could actually understand the instructions.

On that note, I'm out for a little while. With any luck, the next post will be from Argentos.

11 December 2006

Out of Context (01)

I'm sure this is the first of what may become a small, random collection of out of character postings scattered amongst my time here writing as Argentos.

Since those of you who read this roleplaying blog are most likely unaware of what goes on with me outside of the game, I figured it would only be fair to let you know why I haven't been playing much as of late, and therefore not writing as much either. In the past week, I've played for less than one hour, according to my xfire logs. Yikes.

I work two jobs, though after next weekend, I'll be down to one job. My first job, and the one I'm leaving at the end of the week, is as an employee at a local movie theatre. It's a fun job, and despite the crap pay, I love it. I just can't manage the time for it any more though, as my second job is not only more appealing, but I've been offered a position of management.

I've been working at GameStop since November. Of this year. Last month. Yes, you read that correctly.

So, quick word on the job front? Holycrapinsanity.

The holiday season really is the WORST time to be learning the ins and outs of management. It's rough, but I think I can take it. There's not necessarily a huge amount of stuff to learn, but there are certainly a million things to do this time of year. Everything is high volume. High in, high out, high sales, high so on and high so forth. I'm still being corrected on the little things, like the way I speak on the phone or to customers. It's not that I'm saying the wrong things... I'm just not necessarily saying the right things either. It's all about word choice. On top of that, I've got a ton of numbers to memorize. The numbers themselves aren't so hard, but remembering which one belongs to which store will be the tricky part -- I'd hate to have to look them up every time someone asks me for another store's number. And the inventory? Well... the current third-key showed me some things about that tonight. It's not necessarily hard, but it sure is tedious. I'm not looking forward to opening the store, whenever that may happen... hopefully it won't be for a little while. Closing seems simple enough, just a matter of triple-checking everything and making sure everything's locked up and accounted for prior to leaving. I've really got to crack down and pick up the pace, because the walls are starting to close in.

I'm ready, but at the same time, I'm not. You know? It's a little daunting.

In other news, I was listening to John Mayer when it struck me out of nowhere.

I need more music in my life.

Since high school graduation, I have not participated in any form of musicality with the exception of my aunt's wedding in October of 2004 -- where I had also turned down a duet with one of her best friends because I felt uncomfortable doing so... and I don't really know why, either.

Playing games like Guitar Hero or Elite Beat Agents doesn't count.

I'd love to sing again, but I don't want to join a chorus -- but at the same time, I'm entirely uncomfortable singing solo. I've never been a solo singer. Quartets are fun though. I wouldn't know where to look to find a trio of guys who need a bass singer. I'm at a loss.

I play bass guitar, too, but I don't actually own one. We have plenty of acoustic guitars in this house, but I have no desire to learn to play them. I'm a bassist, and that's how I like it. If I had a bass guitar, maybe I could get back into music that way. I know plenty of friends who always seem to be looking for a bassist. Go figure.

I love to compose, but I'm uncomfortable with writing my own music. Come to me with a flushed out melody and lyrics, and I'll compose a full orchestra to play behind it. I'm just not original enough to come up with new things because everything I write sounds the same, and it gets on my nerves. I can't even express myself that way, and it's starting to become rather annoying.

I think the underlying truth here is that I'm stressed out.

Everything in my life is going the RIGHT way right now, and I don't know how to react. Music has always been the one thing that calms me down and now I have no outlet with which to express it. It's so hectic, trying to keep up with everything and everyone, between jobs, family, and friends. I need a way to wind down and while I've explored new possibilities, I just can't find one that works.

I need the music. I just can't find it.

29 November 2006

Not Quite a Vacation

I wish I could say that I've been off on some wild adventure or at home sleeping or curled up with a cute girl and a good novel, but alas, I've had nothing of the sort during my vacation.

I've been working. And working. And working. My uncle found out that I was studying clothcraft and took advantage of the vacation I had planned on taking for myself. I left my friends in Windurst and travelled back to my hometown, San d'Oria. My uncle works for a man named Rosel, offering supplies to both the Tanner's Guild as well as Rosel's Armour Shop. He thought it would be nice if I came "home" to visit the family for a while, and in the process, he secured me a part-time job at Rosel's.

Part-time soon turned into full-time as I spent all of my time working. I didn't really mind being a salesman, but I felt there were better uses for my abilities. I knew nothing of leathercraft, so when patrons came in with specific questions about certain items, I was at a loss for words, often turning them toward the more knowledgeable employees.

Why my uncle felt it necessary to put me into such a position, I do not know. Perhaps it was a favor to Rosel? I didn't dare ask. For me to be so inquisitive would be acting out against my "better judgement" as an Elvaan. I still have never understood why my kinsmen were so damn proud of themselves. Being proud is one thing, but being proud and haughty and otherwise ignorant to the world around them... well, that's something else altogether.

16 November 2006

Castle Oztroja

Castle Oztroja is a really intimidating place. The last time I was here, I was still training as a Warrior, on a quest to become a Dragoon. As I recall, I didn't have to go inside, but I did anyway, out of curiosity. Many of the monsters were weak, so I would fight two or three at a time, hacking and slashing my way upstairs. The angry mob waiting for me was more than anticipated. I ran, with at least a dozen screaming Yagudo behind me. That place is scary.

Last night, I returned, for the first time in over a year. But I wasn't alone.

I returned as a Black Mage, and Dawezy as a Blue Mage, as you would likely expect. We brought friends this time. Samano, a modest Mithra who liked to sleep at odd hours, finally decided to be awake with the rest of us for once. She pulled out her Monk gear and met me in Windurst. Dirgon, a fiesty Mithra who had been on vacation for months (yet she won't tell us where she went), donned her Red Mage gear and joined Dawezy in Jeuno. We all equipped our linkpearls and the chatter erupted like a volcano.

When we all reached the Aragoneu region, I invited Dawezy and Dirgon to join our party. We met up just outside of the castle, poking Yagudos on the way in. They didn't seem to mind, so we left them alone. They were no threat to us, so why should we waste our time with them? At least, that was the thought process at the time.

The four of us entered the castle together. Yagudo Monks and White Mages were everywhere. They seemed rather tough, but there were four of us, and we could handle them. We took them on two at a time, and I put any others who noticed us to sleep before they could do anything to us. The experience was slow, but the group was enjoyable. Samano was a bit more experienced than the rest of us, but we didn't mind (too much).

When we cleared out the first floor, we took a glance upstairs.

"Incredibly tough with marks? You're kidding me, right? These guys don't look so tough."

Samano raised her eyebrow at me as Dawezy quipped back, "And you're not an upper-level White Mage right now, are ya? Don't be so quick to judge by appearance. I got a good look at them meself and I'm tellin ya, they ain't worth the trouble. Damn Elvaan, always looking to pick a fight with something, ugh..."

"What was that last part, Dawezy?"

"Nothing, nothing, nevermind me."

Dirgon and Samano snickered. Apparently they heard what she'd said, but they refused to repeat it. Go figure.

We turned back to where we came and resumed fighting. It was rather smooth until a Yagudo happened to spot Dirgon from behind. I whirled around, chanting a spell to put it to sleep, and succeeded. Unfortunately, another Yagudo saw me casting spells on his friend, and decided to join the fun. Next thing we knew, there were four Yagudos on us.

Well, more specifically, four Yagudos on me. It was getting hard to breathe. I had to get out of there. The girls tried and tried to fight them off, but they kept attacking me. I ran back to Meriphataud Mountains. Back to safety.

I heard screaming in my ear. The linkpearl was buzzing. "What have I done? I should have stayed!" I told them to run. They wouldn't. And to think, people say that Elvaan are stubborn.

The three of them walked out of the castle without a scratch. Thanks to Samano, they managed to defeat the group of Yagudo, but it wasn't without its struggles.

Samano looked at me and sighed, "Well, I think that's enough excitement for one evening."

And with that, we all went our separate ways.

14 November 2006


When I regained consciousness, my heart was as cold as the rest of my body.

Nobody knocks me out. Nobody. I grew up as a Warrior. I know all about strength and endurance. And I don't get knocked out. It doesn't happen.

So, when I was casting a flurry of spells on the Mighty Rarab, enjoying the night air of Buburimu Peninsula, the last thing I expected was to be knocked out. It was almost over. He was breathing his last breath. One final swing of my Holly Pole and he would be down.

My health was dwindling, but I wasn't worried. I was alone, and that rabbit stood no chance of defeating me. Cocky? Perhaps. But I knew what I was doing. Or so I thought.

But I digress; I'm getting ahead of myself.

Last night, I approached Dawezy about trying something else. I had reached level twenty, and I was experienced enough in the dark arts to travel to Qufim Island if I wished to do so. I, however, did not wish to do so. It was great having her help me out, but my small mana pool meant stopping frequently so I could recover. It was time for something new, something different.

"Blue magic? I didn't think you even had an interest in such things," I remarked.

"Aye, it's something I've been toying with in me spare time. I s'pose it would be quicker for both of us to study at the same time."

And study we did. First on a series of Sylvestres, then one Zu after another, and finally, goblins. Goblin Butchers seemed to be the easiest to fell. Between the black magics, blue magics, and a constant Dia effect, they died off quickly. We were gaining experience quickly, enjoying the sunset and painting the sand red with the blood of our enemies. Buburimu Peninsula would be claimed for Windurst!

Then it happened. An angry Goblin Butcher, hidden behind a collection of oddly-shaped rocks, caught wind of us slaying a nearby Sylvestre. I thought we could take him, but he overpowered us. We ran. We ran, and we ran, and we ran. And when I was just about out of stamina, Dawezy provoked the goblin, and we continued to run.

We made it all the way to Tahrongi Canyon, aching, but alive.

We rested a while, and slowly crept back to the peninsula. No sign of the angry Butcher anywhere. We picked up where we left off, being more cautious of our surroundings. Dawezy's skills raised quickly, and she attained level 21. We continued fighting for a moment, but she needed to hurry off to Aht Urhgan. The Troll Mercenaries were advancing on the capital, and her skills as a Red Mage were requested.

I was so close to level 21 myself that I could taste it. I could almost decipher what was written on the Thunder scroll. I wanted to play with lightning. I told her to go on without me, that I would be okay.

I killed a mandragora. And another. Then a rarab. A goblin. A Zu. I was there. I was RIGHT THERE.

And then I found the rarab. He looked like fairly easy prey, so I didn't rest up beforehand. I still had half of my MP. I would be just fine. He had no chance of defeating me.

And then, a decidedly angry Goblin Butcher came out of nowhere. Blindsided me from behind the Outpost. What was meant to be a supposedly "safe zone" offered no safety for me. One single stab from his knife, and I was down.

Vengeance will be mine.

I have single-handedly slain a dozen goblins since my return. Dawezy will join me later, again as a Blue Mage, to clear Buburimu Peninsula of troublesome creatures. But when I find that Goblin Butcher who chased us to Tahrongi Canyon and later stabbed me in the back last night... he will be mine. He will be all mine.

He shall be the first to taste my Thunder.

Sweet, sweet revenge. That felt good.